Cooking is a significant part of your lives. However, before cooking it is important to have the best knowledge and experience on how to cook different types of foods so that they are properly cooked and test delicious. There are various methods and preparation procedures for many kinds of foods. The article is about the best ways on how to cook crock pot scalloped potatoes with ham.

Before you start cooking the food, it is important to have all the ingredients and tools that you will need to cook the food. As for the crock pot scalloped potatoes, the following are the ingredients needed and the procedure to making the food tasty and delicious.


v A half full cup of water

v A half teaspoonful of garlic powder

v A quarter teaspoon of salt

v A cup of shredded cheddar cheese

v Chopped onion that is a half cup full

v A can of condensed cream of mushroom soup

v A quarter teaspoon of black pepper

v Full cup of chopped cooking ham

v 3 pounds of potatoes that have thin slices and also peeled.

With the ingredients above the following is the procedure that one can use to make the food readily cooked, delicious and also tasty.

Cooking Procedure

Using a slow cooker and place the slices potatoes in it and with a medium sized bowl, mix the ingredients of ham, the half cup chopped the onion and shredded cheddar cheese. After this process combine the three mixture content with the potatoes in the slow cooker.

With the same bowl used to mix the above contents, mix the condensed cream of mushroom soup with the half full cup of water. To add flavor and enhance the taste of the food mix the content with the quarter teaspoon of salt, a half teaspoon of garlic powder and a quarter teaspoon of black pepper.

Then pour all the mixture of the above flavors to the potato mixture in the slow cooker. Cover all the contents and cook on high for about four to five hours for them to eventually be well prepared, delicious and have excellent taste. It is advisable to use a liner for your cooker as this will make it easy to clean the food contents once all the procedure is over.

Depending on your preferences you can use double the ham and have milk instead of water. Another tip that can help you in cooking this amazing food is you can layer your ingredients before the addition of the soup. For the cooking, you can decide to cook on low for about seven hours or to cook on high for the given time of four or five hours. The two procedures can give you excellent results.


The above process can be used to give you a beautifully cooked crock pot scalloped potatoes with ham. Just follow the procedure, and you can also make slight adjustments to it depending on how you want the end results for you’re cooking to be. You can get more cooking tips of the same from